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Strengthening & Improving the Roof Over Your Business’ Head

Commercial Roofing Services in Livonia, MI

As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about the roof over your head. You have too many other concerns each day without dangerous leaks, roof damage, or rising HVAC costs due to inadequate roofing materials. At Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., we provide roof installation, roof repair, leak repair, and can even suggest the right roofing materials for your unique, commercial property.

Stop worrying about your roof and get back to business for decades to come with Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc’s comprehensive commercial roofing services.

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Leaks, mold, and rust can pose a serious risk to the continued, smooth operation of your business, but they’re also dangerous to your employees, equipment, and bottom line. Work stoppages resulting from a dangerous environment can cost you profitable working hours, while damage to equipment and risks to employees may necessitate a work stoppage.

Don’t lose time and percentages off your profit margin because of an inadequate roofing system. Let Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. put a reliable partner above your head so that you can get back to work.

At Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc, we’re happy to suggest the most suitable roofing system for your commercial property. Whether you need an EPDM roofing system or TPO/PVC roofing system, we can help you prioritize your needs and considerations.

When talking about roofing by the square foot, choosing suboptimal roofing systems can cost you big and sink the value of your commercial property for years to come. Let Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. help you find the right roofing system for your property so that you can rest easy for decades to come.

The right roofing system can do a lot more than just keep you dry. Suitable roofing materials can actually create value for your business and your commercial property. Ideal roofing materials vary by region, weather patterns, type of commercial building, and even type of business operating beneath it.

The right roofing system can save you thousands in HVAC costs by more adequately shielding you from UV radiation, leaks, and storm damage. Furthermore, the right roofing system can make all the difference in the value of your commercial property should you ever decide to relocate or sell.

No Roof or Detail Left Behind

At Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc, we put our family’s legacy on the line with each and every job. Bringing over 140 years of combined experience to your commercial property, we offer value-added, cost-effective roofing solutions for Livonia, MI, and the greater metro Detroit area.

Let us mend your commercial roof, plug leaks, or suggest a more suitable roofing solution for your property. At Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc, roofing is a family affair. You won’t find subcontractors on your roof, just Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. professionals.


Recent Roofing Projects

Martinrea Jonesville, LLC – Auto parts manufacturer

260 Gaige St. Jonesville MI, 49250

300,000 sq.ft. of EPDM, BUR & TPO roof replacements and restorations.

St. Joseph Hospital Ann Arbor

5301 McAuley Dr. Ypsilanti MI, 48197

120,000 sq.ft. of EPDM & BUR roof replacement and restoration.

Rochester Public Schools

Rochester MI, 48309

88,000 sq.ft. of spray on Silicon coating metal roof restoration.

Covenant Hospital

900 Cooper St, Saginaw MI, 48602

150,000 sq.ft. of EPDM, BUR and fluid applied coating.

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