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Modified Roofing in Livonia, MI & Metro Detroit

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Modified Bitumen Roofing: A Flexible Solution For Any Weather

With origins dating back over 60 years, modified bitumen roofing serves as the evolutionary successor to traditional, built-up roof systems. Featuring over 5 layers of protection, a modified roof system offers flexibility and performance that other flat roofing systems struggle to match.

With deep experience in roofing repairs, installations, and replacements, the team at Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. of Livonia, MI stands confident in recommending modified bitumen roof systems. Keep reading to learn why a modified roof system can be the perfect solution for your next low-slope commercial property project.


What is a Modified Roof System?

Modified bitumen roofing originated in 1960’s Europe as an innovation to built-up roof systems—the most popular commercial roofing solution at the time. Modified bitumen roofs boast major improvements to older low-slope and flat roofing solutions, including lower costs and increased performance.

As an asphalt-based roofing system, modified bitumen roofing comprises a combination of polymerized rubber or plastic and fiberglass layers that form a flexible, watertight roof membrane. When it comes to modified roof system installation, modified bitumen comes packaged in rolls, and can be applied via heat welded, cold-adhered, or self-adhered methods.

Advantages of Modified Roofing

With extreme weather protection, durable and flexible materials, and simplified installation, modified bitumen roofs stand out among leading roofing solutions for low-slope and flat roof structures. To create modified bitumen roofing, roofers apply an asphalt base layer, enhance it with polymers, reinforce it with fiberglass, and finish with additional base and protective coats.

Here are a few advantages of modified bitumen roofing systems:

Watertight leak resistance
Portable and easy-to-work-with
Simple installation & repair process
Multi-layer, weather-proof materials for max durability
Heat reflective & UV resistance for reduced energy costs
Low lifetime maintenance costs
Flexible and tear-resistant for increased lifespan
Reusable/recyclable materials for improved sustainability
A diverse range of style choices for all types of applications
Easy to fix with off-the-shelf roof repair products

Ideal Applications for a Modified Roof System

Modified bitumen roofing works best for commercial and residential structures with flat or low-slope roofs that allow for asphalt-based solutions. With heavy resistance to extreme weather, a modified bitumen roof system shines in both hot and cold climates. Thanks to its unique combination of asphalt, polymers, and fiberglass, modified roofing keeps you comfortable all year long by insulating during colder months and blocking out heat in warmer months.

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Modified Roofing in Livonia, MI & Metro Detroit

As a team with over 140 years of combined experience, Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. is proud to be the choice for commercial jobs across Livonia, MI, and the greater metro Detroit area. We bring that same pride and energy to each and every job we take on, providing you with an experience that cuts above the competition. We install cost-effective and high-performance roofing systems that protect the structural integrity of your business, and secure its safe, and continued operation.

Do you need help with roof installation, roof replacement, or roof repair? With a proven track record of delivering exceptional work to our roofing clients, you can trust our family to take on your next commercial roofing project. To learn more about modified bitumen roof systems and other commercial roofing solutions, call 734-524-0155 or contact us today.


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