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Coating Roof Systems in Livonia, MI & Metro Detroit

Easy, Affordable, Powerful Coating Roof Systems

Sometimes you don’t need a brand new roof. Maybe all you need is a fresh coat. Coating roof systems save you money on complete replacements and can even add superior protection and reflectivity to existing roof systems on your commercial property. Most coating roof systems go on easily, quickly, and affordably, while providing additional protections to your existing structure.

At Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. in Livonia, MI, we have over 140 years of combined experience in all things roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation. If you’re looking to skip a complete roof replacement or enhance your existing roof, coating roof systems may be the best way forward.

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What are Coating Roof Systems?

Coating roof systems come in numerous types, each with their own preferred application method. Some roof coatings are rolled on while others are sprayed on. Coating roof systems can close holes, stop leaks, create weathertight seams, or add much-needed reflectivity to keep your operation cooler in hotter months and warmer in colder months.

Of the numerous types of coating roof systems, the most popular are these:


Depending on your region, existing roof structure, total surface area, and individual desires, there’s a coating roof system to match your needs. Elastomeric roof coatings (often acrylic- or silicone-based) can be applied in a single day.

Once your new roof coating cures, it will have the elastic properties it needs to fend off damage, moisture, and stabbing sunlight year round for upwards of 10-15 years, further sparing you from a complete roof replacement.

Advantages of Coating Roof Systems

The most evident advantage of coating roof systems is the longevity they add to your existing roof structure. Just like the liner in the bed of your truck, coating roof systems seal, smooth, and protect the surfaces beneath them.

Coating roof systems add the least weight of any roofing solution to your existing structure, making them ideal for aging, rusted, or damaged roofs. Once that damage is repaired and your new coating applied, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve added a decade or longer to the lifespan of your roof.


You can expect your coating roof system to be:

Long Lasting (10-20 years or longer)
Resistant to Thermal Shock
Resistant to Punctures/Damage
Resistant to Cracking
Extremely Low Maintenance
Energy Efficient
Fire Resistant
Lightning-Fast Application
Incredible Reflectivity
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Ideal Applications for Coating Roof Systems

Coating roof systems are most effective on flat and low-sloped commercial roofs. As one of the lightest roofing solutions on the market today, coating roof systems and elastomeric systems can be applied across a wide, large roofing surface without adding too much weight to an already aging structure.

For commercial properties that receive full sun year round, coating roof systems are also ideal as they can reflect UV rays for a 10%-15% cooling effect in your workspace below. Coating roof systems can even pay for themselves over the years by lowering your HVAC costs on average during both warmer and cooler months.

Coating Roof Systems in Livonia, MI & Metro Detroit

At Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc, we’ll leave no stone unturned in the preservation and enhancement of your commercial roof. We take incredible pride in our family’s experience and work hard to add cost-effective, value-added roofing solutions to any commercial property. We’ll speak with you about your existing commercial roof and which coating roof systems work best for you.

When you need an emergency roof repair, a roof replacement, or roof installation, trust our family’s devotion to commercial properties in Livonia, MI, and the greater metro Detroit area. To learn more about coating roof systems and which might be the best for your commercial property, call us today at 734-524-0155 or contact us here.

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