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Built-Up Roofing in Livonia, MI & Metro Detroit

Built-Up Roofing: A Simple Yet Timeless Roofing Solution

Strength in numbers is the name of the game with built-up roofing systems. Comprising a multi-layer stack of asphalt and ply felt sheets, built-up roofs provide rugged, versatile, and weather-resistant roofing, at one of the most affordable price points in the industry. As the trusted precursor to modified roof systems, built-up roofs continue offering the same reliability and performance that’s inspired several roofing innovations for over 100 years.

With over 140 years of combined experience, at Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. of Livonia, MI we’re proud to be your trusted source for professional roofing services. From built-up roofing installation, repair, and replacement, to common questions about commercial roofing applications and projects. Let us help you choose the perfect roofing solution for your needs.

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What is a Built-Up Roof System (BUR)?

Built-up roof systems feature a multi-layer design consisting of a base sheet, insulation layer, several repeating layers of asphalt and ply felt sheets and a cap sheet/top protective layer. This highly reinforced, and unique combination of materials creates a waterproof, weather-resistant, and long-lasting roofing solution that won’t break the bank. Especially for flat or low-slope roofs, where proper drainage and leakage protection are crucial during rainstorms.

Most built-up roof system installation comes down to one of two methods: cold-applied adhesive or hot mopping. With the cold-applied adhesive method, layers are fused together with the help of cold-applied adhesive solutions. But with hot mopping, roofers fuse the layers together by pouring and spreading hot asphalt in between them. Today, most roofers prefer the cold-applied application, as it’s safer and doesn’t involve toxic fumes.

With origins dating as far back as the 1880s, built-up roof systems (or BUR roofing systems) have served as a trusted and time-tested roofing solution for countless commercial and residential structures throughout history.

Advantages of Built-Up Roofing

Those looking for an affordable, resilient, and easy-to-maintain roofing system need look no further than built-up roof systems. They’re a simple, yet effective combination of asphalt and ply felt sheets that form a tough, heat-reflective, and water-tight foundation. Together they provide a low-cost roofing solution that stands strong against harsh weather and keeps you comfortable year-round.

Affordable: one of the lowest initial costs of all roofing systems
Highly-reinforced: unique multi-layer design of asphalt and ply felt sheets
Simple repair process
Time-tested and trusted
Lifespan of about 20 years
Energy-efficient: top layer reflects heat and locks in temperatures
UV protection
Low maintenance
Non-toxic, cold adhesive based installation available

Ideal Applications for a Built-Up Roof System

Built-up roof systems work best in warmer climates and are ideal for any flat or low slope structures that allow for asphalt-based roofing solutions. And with a reflective top layer/cap sheet, built-up roof systems excel at blocking out external heat and keeping internal temperatures locked in. Additionally, the high-impact resistance offered by the tough yet flexible multi-layer design, makes BUR systems exceptionally well suited for high foot traffic areas.

Built-Up Roofing in Livonia, MI & Metro Detroit

Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. specializes in providing high-quality, professional roofing services for countless commercial roofing projects across the United States and Livonia, MI. And as a family-owned business, we bring over 140 years of experience and passion to each and every roofing project we take on. Our selection of industry-trusted and cost-effective roofing solutions accommodates a full range of commercial and residential roofing applications.

If you need emergency roof repair, roof replacement, or roof installation, you can trust in Shain Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc’s proven track record and dedication to professional roofing services. We provide service across the nation and throughout the greater metro Detroit area. To learn more about built-up roof systems, or to schedule an appointment, call 734-524-0155 or contact us today.

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